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Updated May 6th: Over the last few weeks or so, VeriSafe has been dealing with some changes in exchanges, some unusual token movements, and some reorganization in the team. We have decided to take measures to protect the community holders and the long term vision for the project. Read more...

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The Transparent
Ecosystem That
Crypto Needs


VeriSafe will be the catalyst for projects, exchanges and communities to collaborate, creating an ecosystem where transparency, accountability, communication, and expertise go hand-in-hand to set a standard in the industry.

VeriSafe aims to offer an easier, safer, and more efficient way for customers and businesses to participate in their "Initial Exchange Offering" (IEO), a "Decentralized: Initial Exchange Offering" (D-IEO), or for new or existing projects to leverage the transparency and resources the VeriSafe platform will offer.

Example of 'VeriSafe Approved' Sticker for transparent projects

Apply for VeriSafe approval

An open and transparent ecosystem

VeriSafe will be the standard for scam prevention and community protection in the blockchain industry. The VeriSafe platform will host only the highest quality EIO, DEIO, and established projects, requiring the projects adhere to VeriSafe's strict transparency model. Every project must go through a rigorous vetting process designed to help protect their community and provide projects with the tools needed to succeed.

The VeriSafe platform will provide templated tokens for projects from various blockchain networks like TRON, NEM, Ether Classic, Stellar, Cardano, NEO, Waves, and EOS, with more options being added in the future. VeriSafe-designed Smart Contracts will ensure that funds are being used appropriately and aid in the prevention of scams. VeriSafe will add a new level of comfort to cryptocurrency and eliminate the untrustworthy businesses that continue to flood the industry.

In addition, the VeriSafe platform will enable access to our rated, and VeriSafe-approved crowdsourced Human Resources, allowing companies ease of access to build a well-rounded team.

How Does The Platform Work?

Track Everything

Stay in close contact with the developers and team of each new project hosted on the VeriSafe platform. You will have the ability to keep track of and rate the progression of a project as it takes shape. VeriSafe will also verify the identity of any team attempting to host a new project on our platform.

Start Your Own Project

Start your own, or fund a thoroughly transparent, crowdsourced project on the VeriSafe platform, backed by a selection of multiple well established Blockchains.

Outsource Tasks

Members of the VeriSafe platform will also be allowed to help any projects hosted, as the project will have the ability to outsource to our members any tasks that they need help with completing.

VeriSafe's Use Cases and Solutions

VeriSafe Platform

The VeriSafe platform uses decentralized services which offer users unique crowd sourcing opportunities such as jobs and tasks to be completed to reach milestones, smart contracts, crowd sales, community support, and much more. Our platform will act as support, allowing people to participate in a user friendly environment, not only participating in new projects, but also being able to earn cryptocurrency with their talents within the platform.

EIO and DEIOP Projects

Aside from crowdfunding jobs, VeriSafe's primary focus is to make IEO and D-IEO projects safer for their community. With high fraudulent activities in ICO platforms, VeriSafe provides solutions that offer safer options than the traditional method to ICO investing.

Business Startups

Using traditional networking and acquisition techniques, companies find it very difficult to find trusted, knowledgeable team members. Many companies run into barriers when securing talented teammates and have trouble providing incentives as a start-up to ensure long term contributions. VeriSafe is committed to creating an ecosystem that allows anyone with the talent and passion for launching a crypto company, the opportunity to do so.

The VeriSafe platform will offer assistance to teams through multiple avenues, including a Human Resources section. The Human Resources section will provide teams access to a list of candidates that have  been reviewed by VeriSafe. This resource helps ensure projects have the ability to hire individuals with the skills necessary for a successful project. This benefits both the project and individuals in the space that wish to become involved in projects and receive compensation for their work.

Our Roadmap

Quarter 3, 2018

Finalize ERC-20 Token

Quarter 3, 2018

Secure multiple exchanges listings and partnerships

Quarter 4, 2018

Release new Whitepaper and Litepaper

Quarter 4, 2018

Beta release and testing of platform

Quarter 1, 2019

(Preview) Initial App release

Quarter 1, 2019

Initial (Beta) Platform Release - release Public Section and Initial User section, Partners integration, KYC integration, Release Screens of the App. Introduction of monthly video updates.

Quarter 2, 2019

(Beta) Platform update - Initial Project Creator Section release, token creation templates for Ethereum. Video update with demo from developer.

Quarter 3, 2019

(Beta) Platform update - Release of wallets smart contracts and roles smart contracts in mainnet. Video update with demo from developer.

Quarter 4, 2019

Platform Release - Video update with demo from developer.

Quarter 4, 2019

Dex Beta - With Video update demo from developer.

This is a flexible and living roadmap. We adapt and welcome change in order to make the best use of our time and resources.

VeriSafe VSF

Token Distribution

VSF is an ERC20 utility token, which acts as the main currency on the VeriSafe platform. 

Token Name: VeriSafe
Token Short Name: VSF
Maximum Supply: 20,000,000,000 tokens
New Contract: 0xAC9ce326e95f51B5005e9fE1DD8085a01F18450c
Circulating Supply

Partnerships and cooperations

Here at VeriSafe, one of our main focuses has been securing meaningful partnerships with various entities within the industry. Aligning our vision with like minded partners is vital to the effectiveness of our project. Often in crypto, a partnership is established for name recognition alone. Our approach to seeking partners does not follow this metric. We strive to make connections that will be beneficial to the functionality of each party, as well as all parties interacting with each partner in any capacity.

Listed Exchanges

Currently VeriSafe is listed on a range of cryptocurrency exchanges and partnered with at least seven cryptocurrency exchanges. VeriSafe is actively pursuing more exchange partnerships, as the benefits of such collaborations extend into our relationships with verified projects, and the community using VeriSafe’s platform to enter these projects. Through our connection with an exchange, a crypto project will be privy to a priority listing at a discounted rate. We will offer a number of options, allowing projects to list in on an exchange that best suits that project at the time of listing. Through VeriSafe, no project can be turned down by any of our exchange partners as long as the listing fee can be covered. This will offer projects immediate entry into a suitable market, and speculators in this project the ability to trade on an established, trusted partner of VeriSafe. Exchanges partnered with VeriSafe also gain the benefit of listing only quality projects through VeriSafe, ensuring a safer trading experience for its user base. New partnerships of this nature will be announced as they are secured.

VeriSafe Approved Projects

VeriSafe Approved Sticker

Projects that are already “VeriSafe Approved” will be given an emblem to display on their website and whitepaper to show they are "VeriSafe Approved". Individuals who are interested in the project can see that it has been thoroughly vetted and approved by VeriSafe. In order to prevent an unapproved project from misusing the “VeriSafe Approved” sticker, each sticker will have its own serial number specific to the project. Individuals may go to and use the “Approved Projects” tab to search for approved projects by name or serial number.

The latest news

VeriSafe Advisors

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Lead Advisor

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Operations Advisor

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